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Slosson Test and Giftedness

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My daughter was given the slossans test in 2012 when she was six , her score was 118. Since then we have changed schools.I was told my daughter was gifted but I am unsure how gifted ,as she is finding it extreamly difficult to socialize, make and maintain friendships ,and the children have started calling her weird and she is asking me why am I  different. Thanks in advance for your advice.

A: The Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT) serves as a quick estimate of general verbal cognitive ability or index of verbal intelligence. This test was designed to facilitate the screening of children at risk (i.e., of educational failure) by providing a quick estimate of mental ability, and to identify children who may be appropriate candidates for deeper testing services (such as gifted children). This test is suitable for screening purposes, although it has been recommend that additional (short form) of other comprehensive intelligence test batteries that are more psychometrically sound be used for detailed understanding of general intelligence. The Cognitive Areas of Measurement include: Vocabulary, General Information, Similarities and Differences, Comprehension, Quantitative, Skills and Auditory Memory.

Based on the score you provided, I believe your son is in the Above Average range but usually not sufficient to get into a Gifted Education Programme with the scores alone. Having said that, you have indicated certain characteristics that are distinct to gifted children. It is unclear who had mentioned that your child may be gifted but if it has been mentioned at all, it is always worth determining. Do speak to the school to find out about her activities in school and if she is really being ostracised or if she is viewed as being weird. A school counsellor may be able to help with her social skills. Apart from that, you may want to do a further and more detailed testing using the more standardised tests such as the WISC or the Stranford-Binet. The interpretation is much more detailed and the score evidence would help you and the school decide on the best way to cater for her needs, if they are not being met. All the best!


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