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Slosson Gifted and Talented Test

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Our sons school has recently suggested we consider having him tested to see if he falls into the 'Gifted' or 'Talented' spectrum. In recent examinations at school he achieved the following results:

Slosson Intelligence Test result are as follows:

  • Mean age equivalent - 12 years and 8 months

  • Percentile rank (PR) - 99

  • Raw score - 107

  • Total standard score - 144

  • Stanine category - 9

    PAT Maths - 86.6%
    PAT Reading - 84%
    General Abilities - 84.4%

He will be 9 this coming February. It may be useful to also note that last year he was diagnosed with a mild Sensory Processing Disorder and has a general dislike of school and homework!

We are interested to know your thoughts on the appropriateness of the gifted/talented testing for our son, given his age and his results.

Thank you in advance.

A: When the school suggests that your son should be considered for the Gifted and Talented test, it could well mean that they see a potential in him and believe that an admission in such a programme would be a better ability-educational match. A child with a Slosson Intellegence Test (SIT) score in the Stanine Category 9 is in the top 4% of the scorers which indicates the highest range of scores.

Since the disorder is mild, he may be able to cope well with some intervention which you may need to seek in the form of training or therapy. To dislike school and homework is quite common for most children. Perhaps this could be the case for him as he finds his work less challenging and may need something more stimulating than what is being offered to him right now.

At his age and given his scores, it would be a good idea to allow him to sit for the test which would then determine if he needs more stimulating learning and a better educational match. It is best not to deprive him of any test in this case especially since it has been suggested by the school. Go on and have him take the test and then decide what would be best for him.

Good luck!


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