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Reliability and Validity of the InView Test

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Can you tell me the reliability and validity statistics for the InView test? And what the norming population was? Thank you.

A: The InView is a test of critical cognitive abilities that apparently provides highly reliable academic ability scores. It provides information about the thinking process. The CSI scores from InView is said to provide a highly reliable measure of overall academic aptitude, which is valuable information for guidance, activities planning, and special program identification. Anticipated Achievement scores allow one to compare student performance with that of similar individuals and groups.

The InView has five subtests including verbal reasoning-words, verbal reasoning-context, sequences, analogies and quantitative reasoning. Each subtest presents students with novel problems to solve designed to assess cognitive reasoning skills in these areas.
However, it does not measure all aspects of cognitive abilities. Since it is intended for use in schools, emphasis is placed on reasoning abilities that are important for success in an educational programme rather than other cognitive abilities. With a ceiling of 141, the cut-off for gifted is 127 and above.

Normed in 2007 in empirical study with TerraNova 3, it is a cognitive abilities test paired with TerraNova, which is based on a history of cognitive abilities testing (3rd edition of the Test of Cognitive Skills). As it was normed with the Terra Nova 3, the norming sample was also gathered in 2006 and 2007 from a nationally representative sample of about 200,000 students in kindergarten through grade 12. Stratification was based on school type (public, private, or parochial), geographic region, community type, and socioeconomic status. The sample included students with disabilities.

Reliability estimates for scores from most individual subtests were in the 0.80s and 0.90s. Reliability estimates for composite scores for all levels were in the 0.90s. This indicates a rather high reliability level. Please read " Information on Understanding Child’s InView Results" for more information on this test.

Do note that no test can accurately measure a person’s total ability or achievement. The Inview is a group ability test, and can only indicate a general range of intellectual ability. Good luck!


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