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Language Therapy to Improve WISC Scores

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My 13 yrs old son underwent WISC V recently.

His scores FSIQ 91, Verbal comprehension 89 (23rd percentile), Visual spatial 72(3rd percentile), Fluid reasoning 94 (37th percentile),Working memory 85 (16th percentile), Processing speed 95 (37th percentile).

His working memory in WISC 4 was 50 percentile tested x 3 over the past few years. Many of his scores had a wide fluctuation including FSIQ of 99 in 2012 and 85 in 2014.

He has ADHD, just diagnosed with receptive language impairment 7th percentile, Expressive language skill 16th percentile on CELF - 5.

Does his scattered score and language impairment affect interpretation of WISC V results? Does language therapy improve WISC scores?

A: Your son's scores are indeed scattered and would need intervention. WISC-V alone is not a diagnostic test; hence other tests may need to be taken to determine the extent of his impairment. It would be best for you to seek help from a reputable educational psychologist and occupational therapist as he has multiple issues of concerns that need to be addressed and intervened as soon as possible.

A single therapy may not improve the overall scores but could help in some portions of the test. Scattered scores are interpreted differently; in your son's case, interpretation based on a single test would be unjust. Since there are multiple issues, scores should be interpreted with great caution from experts in all areas related to the testing and always seek a second opinion. Unfortunately, this process is long and painstaking; requires a lot of time on your part, but would be worth the effort once the right therapies are determined. Do seek opinion and references from various sources.

Wishing you all the best and I am sure your hard work will pay off well eventually. Good luck.


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