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The Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT)

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Our daughter was recently given the CogAt test at school. She is very bright maintaining 95 averages in math and reading. Her lexile score ranked her at a grade level 5 grades beyond her current level. She did not test well on the CogAt and we are trying to find another testing facility to give her the test again. We live in North Carolina and would like to have her privately tested.

A: Just a short note on the CogAT. Briefly, it is a measure of a student's potential to succeed in school-related tasks. It should not be confused as a measure for intelligence or IQ. Rather, it measures the reasoning skills that have developed even though these general cognitive skills are probably not explicitly taught. They may not be specific to any content area, but these are skills used in all areas of a student's academic experiences. Apart from general cognitive skills, the CogAT also measures general school skills (e.g., ability to listen, follow directions, and focus attention). It can beneficial when looking for the student's ability to be successful in school and to look for dominant learning strengths. Teachers commonly use it when they have concerns over a student's classroom performance or lack of progress.

The scores provide a general sense of a student's abilities and learning styles, which may lead to further analysis. Bear in mind that the CogAT is an aptitude test and measures preparedness for academic work, not the result of instruction in school.

For interpretation of the scores of Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Form 6, you may want to check out the following site. For those who wants to try the online CogAT Practice Tests, you can check out this website.

Your daughter's age and the details of the scores are not indicated but if you are concerned over the scores, you should firstly speak to someone in the school who is able to interpret the scores. If you are not convinced with the interpretation, perhaps it is best to retest. The school may be able to suggest a private tester in your area. All the best.

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Cognitive Abilities Test CogATŪ Multilevel B Book (Grade 3*) - Practice Test 1
By Mercer Publishing

Level B is the Multilevel Ed. format of the CogAT exam, in which the children read and answer the test questions themselves and is usually given to children in third grade. This book contains a single full-length practice test that contains nine subtests in the three test areas found on the CogATŪ exam: VERBAL Verbal Classification 20 questions Sentence Completion 20 questions Verbal Analogies 25 questions QUANTITATIVE Quantitative Relations 25 questions Number Series 20 questions Equation Building 15 questions NONVERBAL Figure Classification 25 questions Figure Analogies 25 questions Figure Analysis 15 questions

Practice Test for the CogATŪ* Multilevel Edition is a full length practice test with answer key. The object of this practice test is to familiarize your child with sample questions they will face on test day, how the tests are formatted, the symbols used and the number of questions in in each test area.

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