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WISC-IV Score Interpretation

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son Wechsler intelligence scale composite score are as below:

Verbal Comprehension- 104
Perceptual reasoning- 94
Working memory- 102
Processing speed- 131
Full scale- 109

I don't understand what does this mean. Is he a gifted child. If he is, then what I can do to explore all his potential.

A: Based on the overall score (FSIQ), your son scored in the Average range on the WISC-IV. See the classification table below for the description of the scores.

Standard Scaled Classification
130+ 16+ Very Superior
120 to 129 14 to 15 Superior
110 to 119 12 to 13 High Average
90 to 109 8 to 11 Average
80 to 89 6 to 7 Low Average
70 to 79 4 to 5 Borderline
69 and below 3 and below Extremely Low or Intellectually Deficient

All scores are in the Average range except for his Processing Speed score which is the Very Superior range. Processing speed has to do with how quickly a person is able to carry out simple or automatic cognitive tasks; usually this is measured under time pressure such that a degree of focused attention is involved. Other brain functions such as perception and motivation are also crucial for a person to exhibit good processing speed. Processing speed is one of four psychometric constructs (as tested in the WISC-IV) that are considered important in helping us understand an individual child's learning abilities.

However, he would need an IQ score of about 130 to be placed in a gifted education programme. Speak to the school about his results - doing exceptionally well in Processing Speed but averagely on the others may indicate a learning concern that needs to be given attention to. Wishing him all the best.


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