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Appropriate Gifted Programme to Match Abilities

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My 11 year old son was assessed a week ago. He took the WISC-IV test with these scores:

VCI - 146
PRI - 108
WMI - 104
PSI - 103

He also took the Raven's progressive matrices test with a score of 80 percentile and the Crea-test - 85.

Do these results mean he is considered gifted? I am asking because if he is then he could get the appropriate programs in school. I want to make sure before talking about it with his teacher. I would really appreciate your help in this regard. Thank you.

A: His scores on the WISC-IV indicate clear discrepancies between his VCI and other scores. This may be due to some kind of learning problem, which may not have been diagnosed. Since the gap is more than 23 points, it may be possible to calculate and use a General Ability Index. However, I would need the sum of scaled scores for each of the subsets for VCI and PRI. This eliminates the WMI and PSI, which would bring up his IQ scores. Based on the above score alone, he does not meet the cut-off point for a gifted programme.

As for the Ravens score, usually most admission into the gifted programme requires scores above 95 percentile. (Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Crea-test.). However, he shows very strong verbal skills and this would be something to look into. You would need to speak to someone who will be able to interpret the results in detail (breakdown would be required) and make recommendations for specific plans to enhance his strength and help him in weaker areas. The huge gap in his scores indicates that he may have a learning issue that has not been attended to. You may want to seek help from an educational psychologist with some tests to rule out or determine any learning problem. Do speak to his school regarding the gaps in his scores.

Hope that helps. All the best to you!


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