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WISC IV Scores for ADHD/Dyslexia

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My 6 year old daughter was recently given the WISC-IV test - her scores were as follows:

VCI 91
PRI 96
WMI 86
PSI 94


similarities 10
vocab 6
comprehension 9
digit span 8
letter number sequencing 7
block design 8
picture concepts 11
matrix reasoning 9
coding 9
symbol search 9

We were suspecting ADD/dyslexia. Her father and brother both have it and she is struggling in school. Can you tell me if these scores show any possible concerns for either of those LD's. She is also in speech for some slight speech problems but has shown improved. Thank you.

A: Her scores do show some signs of a learning disorder. You did mention that her father and brother both have learning disorders; hence it is not surprising that she could have it as well.

Based on the scores alone, there is lesser possibility of ADHD as children with ADHD generally have a much higher full score IQ (around 97-98 points). They also tend to have a higher working memory index (around 96 points). I would suspect a dyslexic condition as her scores are close to that of an average score for children with dyslexia. Specifically, it appears that she may have a reading LD based on her scores. The average score for someone with a reading LD would be:

Verbal comprehension index 91.9
Perceptual reasoning index 94.4
Working memory index 87
Processing speed index 92.5
Full scale IQ 89.1

Your daughter's score fits in the reading category, hence the diagnosed based on average scores. However, it is best to refer to and seek advice from an educational psychologist for a more firm diagnosis upon conducting more tests. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, there would be suitable intervention programmes to help her cope with her learning.

Best wishes to you.


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