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The Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT)

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son is starting kindergarten this coming school year. Today his school administered the Slossen test to him. He scored a 113 total. Can you explain what this score means and if this is normal for a 5 yr 11month old boy?

A: The Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT) serves as a quick estimate of general verbal cognitive ability or index of verbal intelligence. This test was designed to facilitate the screening of children at risk (i.e., of educational failure) by providing a quick estimate of mental ability, and to identify children who may be appropriate candidates for deeper testing services (such as gifted children). This test is suitable for screening purposes, although it has been recommend that additional (short form) of other comprehensive intelligence test batteries that are more psychometrically sound be used for detailed understanding of general intelligence. The Cognitive Areas of Measurement include: Vocabulary, General Information, Similarities and Differences, Comprehension, Quantitative, Skills and Auditory Memory.

Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the interpretation of the SIT but based on my knowledge, the IQ scores measured ranged from 10-164. SIT. The WISC and Stranford-Binet usually have cut-off point of around 130 to screen gifted children. Research has indicated the SIT to use scores above that to screen these children, with the average being about 134 (Very Superior) for the revised SIT. So with this as a benchmark, I believe your son is in the High Average range based on his scores. This would be better than the average scores but quite a long way if he is seeking admission into the gifted education programme. You may want to do further and more detailed testing using the more standardised WISC or the Stranford-Binet. The interpretation is much more detailed and would help you and the school decide on the best ways to educate him to his maximum potential. Good luck!


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