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Interpretation of the RIAS Scores

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Please explain the following RIAS Indexes:

  • VIX - 61

  • NIX - 85,

  • CIX - 69 and

  • CMX - 77

Does the RIAS afford a full scale IQ score?

A: Briefly, the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scale (RIAS) is an individually administered intelligence test, applicable to all ages from 3 to 94. It comprises two subtests that assess verbal intelligence (VIX) and two subtests that assess non-verbal intelligence (NIX). A verbal and nonverbal supplementary memory test can also be administered (yields Composite Memory Index score - CMX). The VIX assesses verbal reasoning ability along with the ability to access and apply prior learning in solving language related tasks. It is indicated to be a reasonable approximation of crystallized intelligence. The NIX comprises subtests that assess nonverbal reasoning and spatial ability. The NIX provides a reasonable approximation of fluid intelligence and spatial ability.

A combination forms an overall Composite Intelligence Index (CIX). By combining the VIX and the NIX into the CIX, a strong, reliable assessment of general intelligence (g) is obtained. This is the general intellectual functioning (i.e., the IQ score). The CIX measures the two most important aspects of general intelligence that is reasoning/fluid abilities and verbal/crystallized abilities. The Composite Memory Index (CMX) is a combined score from the verbal memory and nonverbal memory subtests.

On the RIAS, this level of performance falls within the range of scores designated as significantly below average (CIX = 69). The VIX is significantly below average at 61; whereas the NIX (85) is below average and the CMX moderately below average.

A more detailed breakdown is required to see if differences between scores are significant and if further testing is required. Hope that helps.


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