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Understanding RIAS and DAS Test Scores

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son will be 6 yrs old in a couple of weeks. He has had 2 IQ test done. The Reynolds and DAS were both done. He scored a 130 on the Reynolds and a 126 on the DAS. But there is a large discrepancy between the verbal and non-verbal sections. On the DAS he scored between a 131-147 on the verbal part. The non verbal part was 109 to 117. He does have disabilities which include ADHD, hypotonia, motor dyspraxia, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, speech and language impairment, and fine and gross motor deficits. Is that possibility there is such a difference between scores? Is he still gifted with just the verbal compreshion being so high? He is completing 2nd and 3rd grade math in Kindergarten.

A: Your son did very well in both the tests. On the RIAS, he scored in the significantly above average range, and on the DAS, his scores are in the high range. The discrepancy between verbal and non-verbal is large indicating a possible learning problem, which you have indicated clearly. Due to the learning disabilities, the difference in scores (verbal and non-verbal) is large and explainable.

Because his IQ score is still in the superior range despite the huge gaps in his scores, he is probably twice exceptional - gifted with a learning disability. In this, he is gifted and special and need differentiation educational programme for both his abilities and learning disabilities. He is a very special child and would do very well with a suitable IEP. Speak to his preschool teacher and make sure he gets the extra help he needs in both his weak and strong areas. You may want to see an educational psychologist for further testing and please do soon as early intervention would be very helpful before he starts formal schooling.

All the best.


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