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InView and WASI

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: How does InView scores compare to WASi scores?

A: InView is a nationally normed-referenced test, that assesses cognitive skills, which can map strengths, reveal hidden abilities (of what students are capable of doing) and point the way to new opportunities. It tests critical cognitive abilities in: Verbal Reasoning, Nonverbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. InView helps with critical screening and identification for student placement, gifted and talented, and other special programs and services. It is also used to help identify students whose achievement is found to be inconsistent with their abilities.

The Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) is a general intelligence, or IQ test designed to assess specific and overall cognitive capabilities and is individually administered to children, adolescents and adults (ages 6-89). It is a battery of four subtests: Vocabulary, Block Design, Similarities and Matrix Reasoning. In addition to assessing general, or Full Scale, intelligence, the WASI is also designed to provide estimates of Verbal and Performance intelligence consistent with other Wechsler tests. Specifically, the four subtests comprise the full scale and yield the Full Scale IQ. The Vocabulary and Similarities subtests are combined to form the Verbal Scale and yield a Verbal IQ (VIQ) score, and the Block Design and Matrix Reasoning subtests form the Performance Scale and yield a Performance IQ (PIQ) score.

Although both tests measure aptitude, WASI is an individual brief test. On the other hand, Inview is used in group setting and is a comprehensive, norm-referenced test that allows for the interpretation of the test scores in relation to a specified reference group, usually others of the same grade/age across the nation. It measures reasoning skills that are related to academic success, rather than general intelligence as in the WASI. Take note that InView does not measure all aspects of cognitive abilities. Given that it is intended for use in schools, emphasis is placed on reasoning abilities that are important for success in an educational programme. Therefore the scores from both these tests should not be compared. Hope that helps.


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