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Eysenck's IQ test

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I would be very thankful if you could give me an answer to my question. We are planning to restart the IQ testing for our new employees (I have to note that lately our psychologist was fired and decided to clear all the professional information, so we are now trying to reestablish what we had then). The talk is about Hans Eysenck's IQ tests. Here is my question: how can be found and interpreted "logics", "intuition", "creative thinking", "right perception", "thinking effectiveness" within the frames of Eysenck's IQ test? What I could find in the very few papers left by our former psychologist is a form where she calculated the above-mentioned categories, but how... I could find from nowhere. Please, assist me to find the right way to start the job accurately. Thanks in advance.

A: Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Eysenck's test. Especially for testing IQ, I think you would need a psychologist to interpret the results. A non psychologist may not be familiar in testing and may not be able to interpret the results well.

However, many other tests are based on Eysenck's IQ interpretation so you may want to look at other tests. In fact, for job related matters, personality testing is of more use. This is because Eysenck is better known for his theory of human personality. The major alternative to Eysenck's three-factor model of personality is a model that makes use of five broad traits, often called the Big Five model (refer to big five personality traits). This has been widely used by organizations for their potential employees.

If you prefer using Eysenck's tests, you may want to read his books on IQ testing (see in Amazon) which may be of great help. I'm afraid there is no short cut here and the fastest way to get information would be to see a psychologist in your area who does IQ testing to help make sense of the forms. Good luck.


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