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CogAT Profile Interpretation

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Hi .. I have twin girls born on 1st April , 2008. They are in second grade. I received their CogAT profiles recently and They got into gifted program. Profile says they are 9b(-v) and 9e(-v). What does this mean? their teachers say they are highly gifted but when I see "-v" , I don't understand, please help. I am confused!

A: For the CogAT, score profiles provide a comprehensive view of a student's overall performance on the test, as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. The stanine scores provide a very general but clear picture of a student's overall abilities. Stanine scores are grouped in the following manner:

9: Very High
7-8: Above Average
4-6: Average
2-3: Below Average
1: Very Low

Your girls' scores are in the Very High stanine (at 9). After the stanines, there are four score types: A, B, C and E. Your twins scores B and E.

B: This score type is given to a student who scores much higher or lower in one section, when compared to the other two. This means they have a relative strength or weakness in one area.

E: E stands for "Extreme." This score type is given to a student who shows an extreme pattern. For example, if they have a B type pattern, they would show one relative strength or weakness. It would be an E pattern if this strength or weakness is extreme as is in the case for one of your twins.

As mentioned above a "B" score type has one relative strength or weakness, and this is signified with one letter in parentheses, representing which battery was the strength (+) or weakness (-). For example, in both your daughters' case, they showed a relative weakness on the Verbal Battery, therefore the score would read: (V-). This is just in comparison to other scores which makes this a relative weakness (not a real weakness, but considered the weakest when compared to the other batteries. For your daughters, being B & E type scores, there appear to be great variation between the batteries.

Do speak to the teachers to see how to help them work on their relative weakness on the Verbal Battery. Hope there is some clarity now. My very best to the girls.


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