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The InView Portion of the Terra Nova

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: What is the difference between the Terra Nova and InView? My child scored 99 percentile in Terra Nova, 99 percentile in Verbal part of In View and 78 in the non verbal part. This brought her down into the 88 percentile in the In View part of Terra Nova. We always thought she was better at Math and reasoning than on the Verbal part. So this came as a surprise. She is prone to making silly mistakes. Any advice?

A: The Terra Nova tests compare students with others in their grades around the nation. Hence, the scores are listed in percentiles. It also includes a component that acts like an IQ test (the InView portion). Therefore, this is a part of the Terra Nova test rather than a separate indicator. This component measures the students' ability to use information and apply it to new and different situations. It also gauges how a student analyzes and employs higher-level thinking skills (includes verbal reasoning, sequences, analogies and quantitative reasoning). In short, it measures cognitive abilities that relate to a student's ability to learn and succeed in school. The tests are designed to work together to measure student achievement.

In this case, the test does show a different scenario than what you may expected based on her abilities. It is hard to tell for sure what the problem may be since she scores very well in the other parts. Since you mentioned that she may be prone to making silly mistakes, this could be the case; but probably not the only one. You may want to consult the school for a better interpretation and perhaps follow up on her weaker areas. You can also try asking her if she found the non verbal part quite tough or she was tired or any other reason that may contribute to her lower scores. It would be good to find out the reason for her low scores as it appears significantly lower compared to the other scores, hence indicating an area that may need some attention. Best of luck!


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