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High IQ Test Score and Possible Learning Disabilities

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My daughter is 4 years 3 months. Her nursery teacher suspected she is gifted and recommend an IQ test. Her IQ test shows a score of 120 , her scores was pull down as she scores only 20 percentile for her 'visual image' testing. Thus, the tester suspected she might have some learning disabilities:

  1. How accurate is the IQ test for such a young age, the tester mention that her actual IQ is usually higher than her IQ score?

  2. Could she has learning disabilities? If yes, what type? How can I help her?

A: Her scores show that she indeed has above average IQ.

An IQ test for any age group should be used a guide to determine strengths and weaknesses so as to improve and develop an individual's potential to the maximum. It should not be regarded as a test to label whether or not an individual is gifted. Accuracy of test scores depend on many factors, most importantly the credibility of the test itself. Standardized tests are highly recommended. Having said that, tests measure only what is being tested in the test and by no means an absolute indicator of intelligence or a person's future success. For placement programs, IQ tests appear to be a very useful indicator of general higher ability to perform in school. However, as in everything else, there is always exception to the case. It is hard to say if someone's actual IQ is higher than what test scores reveal as many factors are involved here. At best, the scores usually give us a good guide of actual abilities.

It is highly possible that she may have a learning disability, especially as indicated in the results. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell what kind of disability she may have and you need to seek professional help, preferably from an educational psychologist specializing in learning disabilities. You may also want to get her eyes tested.


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