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IQ Test Readiness Issue

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I am hoping that you can give me a little bit of direction regarding my daughter, who recently turned 5. She was given the WPPSI in January and the K-BIT 2 in February. I was very concerned when I reviewed the assessments and followed up with the administrators. Apparently, my daughter disengaged during the testing and "opted out." I am no longer concerned with whether she is gifted, but rather whether there is a more global issue at hand. From a reading, writing and arithmetic standpoint, she appears to have the intellectual ability. She is a delightful, active, creative girl. This really threw me for a loop. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A: I can only speculate the reason your daughter tested as was reviewed (WPPSI - Weschlers Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence and K-BIT 2 - Kaufman Brief Intelligence Scale). It is rather strange that she disengaged during the test and opted out but yet managed to do well in general. I am sure you decided to get her tested, as she appeared ready. Especially if you had spoken to her about testing and what it is all about to prepare her in advance. Did she show any signs of not wanting to be tested, any anxiety? Young children are quite susceptible to feeling disengaged due to fatigue, distraction, anxiety, or even boredom (taking two tests in two months)! It is also important that the tester develop a good rapport with the child.

As individual tests, the tester can closely monitor a child's behavior to be sure she is following the test, to note particular problems with certain skills (e.g., fine motor) or anxiety, or to probe answers (as seen appropriate) to obtain more information. This was probably what happened when the review was made. It would be a good idea to do a second follow up with the administrators, as this is indeed a concern that should be addressed. You may also want to try talking to your daughter in a very light manner as to her feelings while doing the test. It is really hard to tell with such limited information and perhaps the best people to help understand the situation are the testers or administrators who conducted the test. Best of luck!


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