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Different IQ Score

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My child has achievement score higher than the IQ score. She is classified mentally disabled due to her IQ score. The achievement for Wechsler were: composite scale math 74, written language 89, oral language 88. The Kaufman Assessment Battery achievement composite was 76 (on the brief form it was 81).

Her IQ score was lower: verbal 66, performance 68 and full scale of 64 for Wechsler. Is this a significant discrepancy? I think she may have dyslexia. Is that possible?

A: It would not be fair to assume anything without seeing the full report. Different tests may indicate different scores and these scores should not be compared with one another as they may test different abilities. The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children is a standardized test that assesses intelligence and achievement in children. It was developed to evaluate preschoolers, minority groups, and children with learning disabilities and especially useful in providing information about nonverbal intellectual abilities. The results provide an estimate of the level at which a child is functioning based on a combination of many different subtests or measures of skills. This test gives both achievement and intelligence scores

The Wechsler IQ scales are used as tools in school placement, in determining the presence of a learning disability or a developmental delay, in identifying giftedness, and in tracking intellectual development.

In your daughter's case, the full report must be seen to determine any learning disability. Only a trained psychologist will be able to evaluate and interpret the results, determine strengths and weaknesses, and make overall recommendations based on the findings and behavioral observations. Therefore, it would be best to see a good psychologist in testing for a fair interpretation.


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