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Cat3 Interpretation

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I have just received the CAT3 results which my daughter took last autumn aged 10 years 8 months. Her scores were VR 110, Q 108, NVR 130. There seems to be a very large difference between the NVR score and the others. Could you please tell me what strengths this may indicate? She is, and always has been, exceptionally good at Art; is also very good at Maths and Science. She is just about to start Secondary School and I was wondering whether these results might indicate which subjects she should find easiest and (in the long term) which careers might suit her abilities best.

Is there a score above which a child is classified as 'gifted'? At her new secondary school they have a special 'gifted & talented' program - Should she be included in this? Many thanks for your time.

A: Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with CAT3 since as far as I understand, this is indeed a very Canadian based commercial test. It is also hard to provide a gifted classification as this is indeed an achievement test.

It is obvious that she has demonstrated strengths in certain areas more than others. You may need to discuss the interpretation of her results with a teacher or a psychologist familiar with the test. Whether she is included in a gifted and talented program at school would very much depend on the admission criteria of such programs. She would probably need to take admission tests for this purpose.

For further information on this achievement test, I would like to direct you to Canadian Test Centre website which I found quite informative.


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