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The Legacy You Leave

By Rick Beneteau

All You will leave behind for the world to remember is
Your Legacy, so ask yourself:

Will you have earned the respect of your peers and the
admiration of your critics?

Will you have acted humbly at the peak of success and graceful
in the face of defeat?

Will you have kept your childlike wonder and reveled in the
beauty of the world and the small miracles that each day

Will you be remembered for how often you laughed and brought
smiles to the hearts of others?

Will small children and the elderly have been overjoyed to be
around you?

Will others have trusted you with their inner most secrets?

Will you have forgiven and offered heartfelt apology?

Will you have looked for the very best, and done your utmost
to build worth, in others?

Will you have fed a hungry child or clothed a naked man or
given hope to a stranger in dire need?

Will you have left this world a better place by the life you
have lived?

Ask yourself, what Legacy will You Leave?


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